How to Properly Maintain Your Suit

Suits are usually a piece of clothing you buy and don’t hold back on the price you’re willing to pay, which is why you will feel especially bad if you start to see it break apart in front of your eyes. Much like shoe polishing, tying a tie or shaving, suit maintenance is something every man must know.

Taking care of your suit properly will ensure that it will serve you for a long time, and that can be a really useful thing from an economics aspect, especially when you take the fact that in terms of fashion, a good suit is timeless into consideration. Take the following tips into consideration.

Shopping for Suits

More often than not, the price of the suit will dictate the quality and longevity. Everyone knows that high thread-count wool portrays luxury and style, but it also means that the suit will be that much more fragile. These suits look perfect, and make you feel like a million dollars, however, they require that much more maintenance and care than coarser wool. That being said, the more money you spare on your suit, the more you will have to spare for maintaining it.

Storing Suits

You have all seen those ads for vacuum tight clothes bags. Keeping your suits in such bags might seem like a good idea, but it’s actually a pretty bad one due to the risk of mold and moths attacking it. The best idea for storing your suits is to keep them in suit bags. However, it is of the utmost importance that you allow the suit to breathe by not zipping the suit bag all the way. Naturally, you should use a suit hanger inside the suit bag and keep it in an upright position. Avoid plastic hangers at all costs, since they can bend out of shape easily. Instead, use wood hangers, which absorb moisture and keep the months away.

Wear It Properly

As strange as it may sound, it is completely true that suits need a rest to breathe after being worn for the entire day. This means that, in order to keep your suit in the best of shapes, you should avoid wearing it for days in a row. Another thing to have in mind, is to place them on the hanger immediately after you undress.

You have probably seen on the movies how people place napkins over their laps during lunch. That is by no means shameful, if anything, it may show a touch of class. And the most important part, you greatly reduce the risk of staining your suit.



In all likelihood, the first thing you think about when considering cleaning is visiting the dry-cleaner. However, this is another common mistake. Sure, you should do it every once in a while, but not every time you notice a few wrinkles or mild stains on your suit. Dry cleaning relies on powerful chemical which will damage the fabric if done too often.

Instead of dry cleaning, consider pressing or steaming the suit with a clothes steamer. You will get rid of the occasional wrinkles and mild stains just as effectively without damaging the fabric.

Suits are not something you buy every day, and when you do, you want to buy a nice one which will last you a long time. By following these tips and guidelines, you will make sure your suit will not go bad for decades.